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The EasyRead Time Teacher Clock - 29cm dia

Our son has just turned three and has been showing a lot of interest in learning to tell the time, s

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Easy Read Time Teacher

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EasyRead Time Teacher makes it easy to teach how to tell time


Whether you're a parent teaching your child how to tell the time, or whether you need a teaching clock for your classroom, EasyRead makes it so much simpler to teach children aged 3+ to tell the time. The EasyRead Time Teacher is especially designed to help break the process of telling time into three simple stages, making it easier for little ones to absorb simply. This unique teaching clock also comes in different designs, to suit any classroom or child's bedroom.


Telling time on an analogue clock is still an essential skill, and young people can learn how to tell the time sooner with the right foundation and tools. When you buy a time teacher clock that is specially designed for easy learning, you're giving your child or students a good head start.


Teach telling time the EasyRead way


The secret to the EasyRead time teaching wall clock is in the layout and design of the face and hands of the clock. First, the child reads the number at the end of the big hand. Then, they say which side of the clock it's pointing to- minutes to or minutes past. They then read the number at the end of the big hand. This three step system is complemented by large, simple numbers and a clean layout.


The EasyRead Time Teacher - a time teaching wall clock designed by a winner of the Australian Design Award.


The EasyRead Time Teacher is an Australian owned family business dedicated to helping teach time to children and adults. The owner, Roger Shackleton, is a winner of the Australian Design Award. He knew there must be a better way to go about teaching children how to tell the time after his own children struggled to learn to tell the time using a regular analogue clock. He developed the EasyRead Time Teacher dial and the 3 step teaching system to provide a new, simple way for parents and teachers to teach telling time.


Buy your time teacher clock online today


When you order an EasyRead Time Teacher clock from this website, you're buying direct from the designers. Payments are processed securely by PayPal and your clock will be shipped promptly to you anywhere in the world.

Should you have any further questions about any of our teaching clocks, please do not hesitate to contact us- click the 'Contact' tab above for details.