What are the two teaching systems?

The 3-step teaching method is for telling the time using the “minutes past” and “minutes to” method. This is the method most commonly used in the UK.

The 2-step teaching method is for telling the time using the 12 & 24 hour format such as “1:52” or “13:52”. This is the method most commonly used outside the UK.

What age group are the clocks and watches suitable for?

The clocks and watches are aimed primarily at children between 5-12 years old but are suitable for anyone who has difficulty learning or telling the time.

How big are the watches?

The watch face is 33mm in diameter.

What size are the straps?

The watch straps are 16mm wide and 21.5cm long. They are designed to fit wrists from 12cm to 18cm in circumference. They can be adjusted to fit small children and adults.

Can I have any colour strap with my watch?

At present we only sell the watch with either a purple, navy blue or grey strap. We do have 7 bright coloured watch straps that can be bought as additional items if you want to change the look of the watch. The additional colours are Bright Blue, Green, Lime, Orange, Yellow, Pink & Red.

What type of battery does the watch use and are they included?

The battery type is SR626SW and it comes fitted with the watch. The watch and battery become operational when the small white plastic tab is removed and the crown is pushed back in after setting the correct time.

Is the watch water resistant?

The watches can withstand splashing but not total immersion in water. The watches should not be worn in the shower, bath or when swimming.

What type of type of batteries do the clocks use and are they included?

The clocks use 1x AA battery. These are not included with the clock.

Are the wall clocks silent?

The clock mechanisms are silent so there is no annoying ticking. This makes the clocks ideal for bedrooms, kitchens and the classroom.

Do the wall clocks glow in the dark?

No, the wall clocks are not luminescent.

What are the wall clocks made of?

All of our clocks are made of plastic and Perspex. The outside Playground Wall Clocks are made from weatherproof metal and glass.

Are the products covered by a warranty?

All our products are sold with a 1 year warranty for faults or mechanical failure. We will replace any item within one year of the date of purchase if the item is found to be faulty.

What is your return policy?

If you no longer want your order and it is in a re-sellable condition it can be returned for a refund within 30 days of purchase. Return postage costs must be paid by the customer.

What should I do if an item is received faulty or has a defect after purchase?

Please contact us by email at sales@easyreadtimeteacher.com and we will advise on the best course of action to resolve the problem.

What size are the alarm clocks?

The alarm clocks have a diameter of 12cm.

What features do the alarm clocks have?

The alarm clocks have lots of great features including;-

Crescendo Alarm – it starts off softly then increases in volume until switched off.

Snooze Button – there is a 5 minute snooze timer which will continue until the alarm is switched off.

Night Light – the clocks have a soft ambient night light, ideal for a child’s bedside cabinet.

Glow Brighter – by pressing the Snooze button the clock face lights up even brighter

Silent Sweep Movement – the clocks are completely silent so no annoying ticking, again ideal for a child’s bedroom.

What type of type of batteries do the alarm clocks use and are they included?

The alarm clocks use 3x strong Alkaline AA batteries. These are not included. We do not recommend using rechargeable batteries in the alarm clocks.

Where are the products shipped from?

We have stock located in UK, USA and Australia. We ship orders from the nearest or most suitable location in relation to the delivery address. European orders will be shipped from UK, USA orders will be shipped within USA, Australian orders will be shipped within Australia.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs are based on the total weight of the order and are calculated when proceeding through the checkout process. Please select the preferred shipping method on offer at order checkout. Domestic deliveries within UK and USA are included in the price of the order.

How do I know if my order has been placed successfully?

If your order has been placed successfully, you should receive email confirmation within 2 hours of purchasing.

How do I know when my order has been dispatched?

When your order has been dispatched, you should receive an email notification.

My alarm clock isn't going off at the right time. What should I do?

To set your alarm clock, turn the knob anti-clockwise. This should ensure that your alarm clock goes off at the required time.

If you have done this and your alarm clock is still not going off at the right time, please contact EasyRead Time Teacher and we can discuss issuing you with a refund or sending you a replacement.

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